Drowning in Maintenance Requests?

untitledLandlords get many maintenance requests, and they can quickly become overwhelming. They may seem unavoidable, and while it’s impossible to stop them completely, there are ways to deal with them and reduce them once and for all. These four tips can help.

Examine the Agreements

The first thing to do when getting bombarded with maintenance requests is to check the agreements. Find out if the repairs really are required, or if they are the tenant’s responsibility. It’s a good idea to hold a meeting with the tenants and go over the lease agreement again, to clarify what each party’s role is in maintaining the property.

Schedule a Walk-Through

Tenants have responsibilities to help maintain the property, and these are detailed in maintenance agreements. It’s easy for the tenant to simply confirm they are following the agreement, but it’s a better idea to actually confirm it yourself. Conduct a walk-through of the property to make sure the rules are being followed and to determine if the maintenance issues are really the tenant’s responsibility.

Request Help from Vendors

When a vendor enters a house to perform a repair, getting them involved is a great idea. They have the experience to help identify legitimate claims or can tell if the claim is because of non-compliance by the tenant. Explain the situation to them, so they know what to watch out for. If they confirm the repair was needed due to a break in the maintenance agreement, the tenant should be required to pay for the repair.  

Use Your HOA Website

It’s impossible to stop the flow of maintenance requests completely, and getting them verbally can easily become a nightmare. A better way to deal with continuing maintenance requests is to take advantage of the community’s website. Community websites and integrated software can be used to provide maintenance-request control and management. Residents can post their requests to the website, which can track them or even deny them if they are not an appropriate repair according to the lease agreements.

Maintenance requests are just part of managing a community. When residents abuse maintenance requests, it can become overwhelming for the community manager. These tips will help stop unnecessary maintenance requests, and an integrative website can help manage the appropriate ones.


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