4 Tips to Improve HOA Board Harmony

A productive HOA is a harmonious HOA. If people are arguing and ignoring each other, work can’t get done. If your board is lacking in harmony, check out these four tips to improve peace amongst members.

Always Follow the Governing Documents

The most important thing to remember when holding an HOA board meeting is to always follow the governing documents. The governing documents are the foundation of the HOA, so as long as you stick to them, you will have fewer arguments. If something in the governing documents isn’t clear, the board should reevaluate it, rewrite it and vote to update it.

Stay On Topic

Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, such as political views, religious views, etc. These are hot topics that can create heated arguments fast. It’s important to stay on topic in HOA board meetings. Don’t let the topic turn into something that could explode into an argument or hurt feelings. Before the meeting, create an agenda, and only discuss what is on the agenda. If people try to discuss personal matters, remind them this is not the time for that. If they try to discuss other HOA topics, tell them you will add it to the next meeting’s agenda.

Give Everyone a Chance to Speak

When people don’t feel their voice is heard, it can be extremely frustrating. During board meetings, ensure everyone gets a chance to speak and voice their opinion. If someone is always quiet and timid about speaking, ask them what they think about the topic or if they have any suggestions. Some people need to be coaxed to speak, but they shouldn’t be ignored because they aren’t outgoing enough to talk without being prompted.

Foster Good Communication

Besides allowing everyone to speak, you want to ensure everyone communicates well. The most important piece of good communication is to foster good listening. When people don’t actively listen, they don’t really hear what the other person is saying. They make assumptions and think about how they will reply. Practice active listening with the board, so everyone is on the same page.

When there is discord amongst the HOA board, nothing can get completed. Everyone becomes annoyed and progress stalls. If you want to improve the harmony with your HOA board members, get started today by ensuring you follow these four tips.


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