Poor Communication Creates Management Mistakes

shutterstock_274112963Poor communication is the downfall of just about every interaction. When people don’t understand each other properly, arguments arise and are hard to extinguish. If your HOA is having trouble communicating with residents and each other, check out these three tips that can help.

Determine What Needs to Be Communicated

Not everything needs to be communicated, but the important aspects do. These include anything that can impact everyone within the community, such as financial decisions, how the board operates, and changes that will affect everyone’s daily lives. These need to be communicated clearly and with advance warning. You don’t want to wait until the day before a rule changes to tell everyone. You want to give everyone all the information they need with enough time to absorb it. This will lead to fewer arguments and complaints in the future. When holding board meetings, remember to put all the important tidbits on the agenda and leave off everything unimportant, then stick to the agenda, so nothing important gets forgotten.

Ask for Help When Needed

Some aspects of running an HOA can be confusing. There’s a reason the world has people who specialize in different areas, such as law, insurance, construction, etc. When you need to explain something technical to the board or homeowners, ask for help. If you don’t completely understand what you are talking about, how is anyone supposed to understand you? Get an expert to discuss the nitty gritty, so everyone is on the same page.

Consider Forming a Special Committee

If you really want to improve communication between the board, community manager, and residents, consider forming a special communication committee. The committee will have more time to ensure everything is communicated. They can put information on the website and in newsletters to get it out to the masses. However, they should also be available to take feedback from the homeowners. Communication is always two-way, so you always need some way of hearing what the homeowners have to say about how the HOA is running or what they would like to see in the future.

Don’t let your community fail because of poor communication. There are many simple things you can do to open the doors of communication and ensure everyone understands the direction the HOA is headed.


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