Major Community Management Tradeshows

shutterstock_173562956Being a community manager requires a lot of skills and knowledge, which is why attending various tradeshows and seminars is important for keeping up to date on everything about community management. Check out these five great resources that can help.

NAHRO’s Property Management Essentials

NAHRO’s Property Management Essentials is a great course that touches on just about everything you need to be a good community manager. The course uses interactive applications, case studies, and exercises to teach methods for managing communities and keeping them financially viable. The course lasts three days and takes place in November.

Annual Global Property Management Conference and Expo

The Annual Global Property Management Conference and Expo’s goal is to teach community managers how to do everything required of them as efficiently as possible. Topics include strategies for global property management, vendor and client management, preparation of monthly financial statements, improving customer experience, default management issues and many more. The expo lasts four days and takes place in January.

Fixed Asset Management Seminar

The Fixed Asset Management Seminar is held by the American Management Association. It teaches community managers about fixed asset management. Topics include creating and running fixed asset controls, evaluating how to get a good return, and many others. The seminar lasts two days and takes place at different times throughout the year in different parts of the US.

International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers Spring ACE

This conference and exhibition uses keynote speakers, sessions and workshops to help teach managers how to increase efficiency and minimize risk. It is a great opportunity for managers to learn, and to network with other managers throughout the country. The conference lasts three days and takes place in May.

Certified Professional Property Specialist (CPPS) Certification Review and Testing/Fundamentals to Personal Property Management

The CPPS seminar is presented by NPMA. This is a great seminar for managers who are still new to the field because it teaches many of the fundamentals of community management. There is also an optional test to gage the knowledge earned while at the seminar. The seminar lasts three days and takes place in January.

To succeed in community management, you need to keep learning and growing. Any of these programs is sure to give you a little more knowledge that can go a long way in managing communities.


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