3 Social Media Tips for Your HOA

shutterstock_186292982Social media can be a great tool for any association, but only when used correctly. If you never post anything or only post basic information about HOAs in general, your homeowners won’t be interested. You need to make your accounts more personal and fun. Check out these three tips that can boost homeowner interest and interaction.

Highlight an Individual’s Achievements

You can make your social media account more personable by highlighting individuals. You could write up a mini blurb or post a video about the various board members, what they do, and how it helps the community. In fact, you could highlight anyone who helps in the community. For example, if a resident often goes out of their way to teach other residents about good lawn care, you can highlight them. It may be fun to have something like an employee-of-the-month competition, where you promote different residents and say how they make the community better. People will get motivated to get more active.

Create Conversations

One of the best ways you can get your residents to talk to each other, and management, via social media is by creating conversations. Residents may not feel comfortable just randomly posting an opinion on your social media account, but if you give them something to talk about, they may be more willing. You can have a conversation about what types of events the homeowners would prefer (community garage sales, block parties, etc.) or anything that the board or association wants to know. The more you promote communication, the more residents will want to express their ideas.

Promote the Community

One last way to increase communication on social media is to do things that promote the community. Start a Pinterest page where users can post pictures of beautiful yards, doors, features, etc. within the community, or things they’d like to see within the community. When you hold events like garage sales, take lots of pictures and post them on the social media accounts, so everyone can remember how much fun they had. Encourage residents to post their own pictures and memories of the events. This will help solidify that community feeling, which will, in turn, create more communication between residents and management.

Your HOA needs to have its own social media presence, but you also need to make it fun for the homeowners, so they want to interact. Honoring individuals for their accomplishments, creating conversations, and promoting the community are sure to get the ball rolling and make residents want to get involved and communicate.


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