Considering Selling? Here are 5 Free Tips for Staging Your Home

shutterstock_108401306A quick look around any home makes it clear that it is covered in style and décor that is personal to the family who lives there. Unfortunately, when selling a home, this is a huge pitfall. Homebuyers want to be able to see themselves living in the home, not the current homeowners. This is why properly staging a home to sell is a must. Check out these five complementary tips for staging a home.

Clean it Up

The first thing to do before staging a home is to give it a good clean. This doesn’t just mean a quick sweep. This means a good deep cleaning to make the house sparkle from corner to corner. One of the first things people look at when considering buying a home is if it looks clean, and a clean home looks more cared for than one that is dirty. Plus, giving the house a good clean allows buyers to see the good qualities instead of just the house.

Put it Away

Most homeowners aren’t hoarders, but over the years, they do collect items. Most of these items are unnecessary and just add clutter to the home. If it’s something the homeowner can live without for a while, put it away. Much like giving the house a deep clean, getting rid of the clutter makes the house look better, larger and it allows buyers to see the house and not all the stuff inside the house.

Eliminate Personalization

No potential buyer can imagine living in a home if it is plastered with personal items, such as photos and keepsakes. While these items may mean a lot to the homeowner, they mean nothing to the buyer, and they only make it harder to sell the home. Pack away all personalized items, so the house looks like just about anyone lives there.

Add Some More Light

When showing off the house, make sure to include as much light as possible. Open curtains, blinds and turn on every light in the house. This allows buyers to actually see the house. On the flip side, a house that is dark has negative feelings that are dreary and depressing, making homebuyers want to flee.

Do Some Landscaping

Homeowners don’t have to buy a bunch of plants for their yard, but a good manicure can go a long way, even if the yard is simple. Keep the grass trimmed and neat. Cut around walkways and make sure foliage is neat and shaped.

Staging a home is the best thing a homeowner can do to gain interest from potential buyers. These five tips go a long way in boosting interest in any home, and the best part is they are absolutely free.


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