Keeping It Clean: 4 Tips on How to Decrease Clutter

shutterstock_307277231A house full of clutter can become stressful. You have no place to put anything, or do anything, because your counter and drawers are filled with anything and everything. Getting rid of clutter can be difficult, but it is possible. These four tips will help you decrease and prevent clutter.

Take It One Step at a Time

When you have a lot of clutter, getting rid of it can seem like an endless task. A few desk drawers crammed with papers plus a spare room packed to the ceiling with “stuff” combined with a garage that is overflowing create a big project. Instead of trying to tackle everything at once, take it one step at a time, so it becomes manageable. You may feel comfortable taking an entire day or weekend to clean a room, but there’s also nothing wrong with taking an hour out of each day to work on clutter here and there.

Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Need or Want

When you have a lot of clutter, the best thing you can do is to dump a lot of it. If it’s something you don’t use anymore, get rid of it. If you don’t wear it anymore, get rid of it. If you just can’t find a place for it, you should probably get rid of it. If there’s some stuff you just aren’t sure about, create a maybe box. Put the box away for a few months and then check it again to see how you feel about the items now.

Visualize What the Area Will Be

If you’re having trouble getting motivated to clean an area or just feeling overwhelmed, stop and try to visualize the area free of clutter. Picture what you want it to be. If you have a shelf that is crammed with knickknacks, but you really want a spot to keep your favorite books, picture the books there. This will help you see your end goal and give you something for which to strive.

Create Balance

You took the initiative and got rid of your clutter. Everything you don’t need or want is gone. However, within a few months, you’ve already bought more items, which creates new clutter. To prevent this from happening, create a one item in, one item out rule. This means that when you buy something new, get rid of something old to take its place. Just got a new pair of shoes? Toss out an old pair. Just got a new knickknack for your living room? Get rid of an old one.

Clean up your living space with these four tips that can help reduce clutter. You’ll create a more enjoyable environment that is filled with only the things you love.

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