Maximize Your HOA-Community Manager Relationship

shutterstock_223821427A healthy HOA has a good relationship with the community manager. Usually, this means the board and the community manager work well together to help improve the neighborhood. Whether you are a member of an HOA board or a community manager, these three tips can help improve relations to make a more enjoyable community.

Ensure the Community Manager Is Actively Involved

Community managers have a lot on their plate, so it’s easy for them to forget a few important pieces of the puzzle, especially if the board handles a lot of the work too. However, a good HOA-community manager relationship relies on the community manager being actively involved in everything. This doesn’t just mean the day to day tasks, such as contacting vendors and responding to homeowners in a timely fashion. It also includes many aspects that may not seem necessary for the manager to do. For example, the community manager should attend the committee and board meetings. Similarly, the community manager should attend social gatherings within the community.

Communicate With Each Other

Of course, one of the best ways to improve any relationship is with good communication. This rule applies to both the board and the community manager. When there are questions or issues, communicate with each other, and do it early, so everyone can be properly prepared. If problems arise, such as someone being upset, make sure to also practice active listening. For example, if you are a board member, and the community manager is angry about an issue, listen to them—even if you don’t agree with what they have to say.

Make Roles Clear, but Know When to Check Up

Another important tip for creating good relationships is to make roles clear. The community manager should know what is expected of them, and so should the board. Usually, in an HOA, the board handles the governing documents, and the community manager handles the financial and business issues and enforcing the board’s decisions.

Of course, sometimes, you want to check up because it creates checks and balances. The community manager may be in charge of the finances, but someone else should be double-checking those finances too.

The HOA board and the community manager must work together if they want the neighborhood to flourish. One way to make this easy is to create a great HOA and community manager relationship, which is easy with these three tips.

AssociationVoice offers a multitude of communication tools to ensure that communication is never a problem.

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