Why you Should be Joining Webinars

Webinars are a great way to get information you need to run an HOA. However, they’re only useful if you attend them and actually pay attention. If you’ve been avoiding webinars because you don’t feel they can help, check out why joining webinars is a useful tool for any property manager or community leader.

Why Are Webinars Important for HOA Leaders?Community Manager Webinars

HOA community managers need a lot of skills and education to successfully run an HOA. Like many industries, it isn’t just about previous knowledge, it’s about continuing education too.

Webinars are educational tools, and the best part is that there are webinars on practically everything, and new ones are constantly being added. This makes them a goldmine for teaching HOA leaders new and valuable information that can help run a community association. Another benefit to webinars is that they allow you to communicate with the moderator to ask questions, or you can use them to help grow your network.

How to Get the Most Out Of a Webinar

The webinar is only useful, however, if you get something out of it. To get the most out of a webinar, first make sure it’s one that is valuable to you. If it’s not something you really need to know, or it’s something you already know, don’t waste your time. Second, make sure you choose a quality webinar that offers accurate and real information. Third, pay attention to the webinar and take notes. Half-listening while you’re doing something else won’t allow the information to sink in. Finally, ask questions. On live webinars, you can ask questions to clarify any issue you have.

Top Webinars to Attend

As a community manager, you don’t just have to find webinars specifically about property management. Your job entails a lot, so different webinars can benefit you. Some of the top ones include:
• 10 Keys to a Killer Facebook Timeline: Use it to learn how to create a professional and interesting Facebook page for your HOA.
• How to Create a Successful Email: This is a particularly useful one if you use email to communicate with your residents.
• Content Is King: Learn how to write content that is interesting, relevant and useful in your social media, emails, blogs and websites

Any of these webinars can help improve how well you function in your position.
Webinars are educational tools that every community manager should take advantage of. Be on the lookout for future webinars tailor-fit just for community association leaders and property managers.

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