Can Recalled HOA Board Members Run for Reelection?

shutterstock_140456059A board member makes a mistake and gets recalled, but can he or she run again for reelection? The answer to that question depends on why they were recalled in the first place. Even if they are allowed to run again, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Who Can and Can’t Run for Reelection?

There is no set state or federal law that prevents recalled HOA board members from running for reelection. However, it is important to check the governing documents of the association to ensure there is no bylaw preventing reelection for recalled members.

That being said, however, the board must also consider why the individual was recalled before allowing them to run again. In some instances, valid reasons for getting recalled are also reasons that prohibit someone from being on the association board. These include:

  • The member was delinquent on payments for the association.
  • They have been convicted of a felony and their civil rights have not been restored at least five years prior to their reelection.
  • The Division of Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes removed the board member from the board

Advantages of Recalled Board Members Running for Reelection

The good thing about a recalled board member running for reelection is they already understand how the process works. They have experience being on an HOA board, so the other board members know they won’t have to wade through a learning curve as the member gets settled in and learns the ropes. A second advantage of running for reelection is that it gives that member a chance to redeem themselves and prove that they’ve learned from their mistakes and are ready to make the HOA a better place to live.

Disadvantages of Recalled Board Members Running for Reelection

The main disadvantage of allowing a recalled board member to run for reelection is that residents may not trust him or her. If they’ve already deceived residents or made a mistake large enough to have them recalled, homeowners may wonder what’s different this time around. Even if they do manage to win the reelection, other board members may not take their suggestions too seriously as their image of that board member has been tainted by the recall.

Except for some instances, recalled board members can run for reelection, but board members should double check with the governing documents to ensure it is allowed within the HOA. If the board member does run again, the board and the individual running, must be prepared to face the advantages and disadvantages.


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